Friday, March 28, 2014

Tutorial Urlcrazy

URLCrazy is a tool that can generate and test domain typos and variations to detect and perform typo squatting, URL hijacking, phishing, and corporate espionage. It generates 15 types of domain variants, knows over 8000 common misspellings, supports multiple keyboard layouts, can check if a typo is a valid domain, tests if domain typos are in use, and estimates the popularity of a typo.

Usage: /usr/bin/urlcrazy [options] domain

 -k, --keyboard=LAYOUT     Options are: qwerty, azerty, qwertz, dvorak (default: qwerty)
 -p, --popularity           Check domain popularity with Google
 -r, --no-resolve            Do not resolve DNS
 -i, --show-invalid        Show invalid domain names
 -f, --format=TYPE     Human readable or CSV (default: human readable)
 -o, --output=FILE      Output file
 -h, --help                     This help
 -v, --version   Print version information. This version is 0.5

Open URLCrazy  through Kali Linux >> Information Gathering >>  Dns Analysis >> URLCrazy
1. Now we see the names of the characters on the wrong web
root@VH0:~# urlcrazy
URLCrazy Domain Report
Domain    :
Keyboard  : qwerty
At        : 2014-02-14 16:19:16 +0530

# Please wait. 87 hostnames to process

Typo Type                     Typo           DNS-A            CC-A              DNS-MX                             Extn 
Character Omission                         ?                                                    com  
Character Omission                         ?                                                    com  
Character Omission                         ?                                                    com  
Character Omission                         ?                 cm   
Character Omission    DE,GERMANY                   com  
Character Repeat    US,UNITED STATES                                     com  
Character Repeat                         ?                                                    com  
Character Repeat   US,UNITED STATES                                     com  
Character Repeat     BS,BAHAMAS           com  
Character Repeat                         ?                                                    com  
Character Swap                            ?                                                    com  
Character Swap     US,UNITED STATES                                     com  
Character Swap    US,UNITED STATES                                     com  
Character Swap    US,UNITED STATES                                     com  
Character Replacement   US,UNITED STATES  com  
Character Replacement                                      com  
Character Replacement    DE,GERMANY                                           com  
Character Replacement     US,UNITED STATES                         com  
Character Replacement                      ?                                                    com   
Character Replacement   US,UNITED STATES                                     com  
Character Replacement                      ?             com  
Character Replacement  US,UNITED STATES                                     com  
2. Spelling google is reversed.

3. I want to try to save the output files.
  • # ./urlcrazy-o file [file name stored]

4.To check the output that we make.
  • # ls

5. To View the file that we save earlier.
  • # cat [filename]

6. To use another command:
-p option is used to check the domain popularity with google
  • # ./urlcrazy -p
-r is used to do not resolve the DNS
  • # ./urlcrazy -r
-i options is used to show the invalid domain names.
  • # ./urlcrazy -i

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