Thursday, March 27, 2014

How To Not Get Traced

First you are going to want to know what you need, right?











First you want to buy a VPN, free VPNs are always shitty and raped
by the NSA. I sugget Private Internet Access as a good VPN,
They have no logs, offshore location and private IPs.
If you want to cut a little bit by about $2 go a head and buy nVPN.

These are VPNs that use the OpenVPN protocol so you are going to
have to need OpenVPN.

You will need to use a VPN whilst on skype or you will be easily doxed.


PuTTY is essential for setting up a SSH/VPS network. If someone DDoS's your
VPN you can fall back to you SSH/VPS untill your VPN comes back up.
SSH is also a good layer to your chain (will speak about soon)


Tor Browser is a brilliant browser that is designed to stop internet spying.
Tor has 3 Nodes, Entry Node, Middle Node and the Exit node which are good
layers to your chain.
These nodes act as 3 different IPs that help reinfource your anonymity.

A RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) works like a SOCKS5 Proxy, it is hosted
by another computer network. There are many free RDP's but some cost money,
You can easily hack RDPs. This is also a vital layer to your chain.


A proxy is similar to a VPN but a VPN encrypts all network access, A proxy
will only encrypt your browser network. You can set up as many proxies as
you want by using a open source tool called 'Proxifier'

I have my own project coming along called SkypeGhost, Which is a skype
configuration file which acts as a proxy of your choice. (Out soon!)


You will need a RAT for its Reverse Socks5 feature, this enables your current
IP to be you victims IP and you will be Doxed/Traced to him.
Most RATs have this feature, If you dont want to set up portwarding you need
to use a PHP Rat.


SMAC is a tool like a VPN but for your MAC address, it works too spoof your
MAC address making it harder to trace you. Their are other alternatives
to SMAC but I think this is the best for me.


TrueCrypt is a tool for encrypting your hard drive from pentesters,
you can choose which HDD's to encrypt as you go!


A Magnet is used for rolling along your HDD if the cops come to
destroy the drive.


Your chain should look like this;

RDP>>VPS/SSH>>VPN>>Reverse SOCS5>>Your Proxy Chain>>Tor Entry Node>>
Tor Middle Node>> Tor Exit Node

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