Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Load Balancing Detector (lbd)


Load Balancing Detector (lbd) is a tool which checks, if a given domain use load balancing or not. This tool is mainly used by pentesters and hackers to checks site is dosable or not.


In this tutorial we will learn how to use Load Balancing Detector (lbd).


How to open it :-
Open lbd  through Kali Linux >> Information Gathering >> IDS IPS Identification
 >>  lbd

How to use it :-
·      To use it, you have to use this command usage: /usr/bin/lbd [domain]
·      This tool will first scans for DNS-Load Balancing and then HTTP-Load Balancing.
·      Atlast, it will show the result.
1: usage: root@VH0:~# /usr/bin/lbd  www.*********.com

1: usage: root@VH0:~# /usr/bin/lbd

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