Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monitoring Bandwidth Using Console

Perhaps the words of monitoring bandwidth is no stranger at the hearing and the tools are in use also vary as well, via some gui interface and there is through the black-white (Console), I read the articles on network and accidentally found some more tools for monitoring network, like you who work as admin maybe this can be very helpful at all, as an example I install on Backtrack 5, but is suitable for other types of Linux.
1.  bwm-ng.
This tool is very simple and quite simple in terms of looks. Here’s how to install it.
#apt-get install bwm-ng
Once installed, run by typing the command :
# bwm-ng

2. tcptrack

With this tcptrack we can see the bandwidth used by each client ip. With this tool we can mensorting bandwidth users at large to the smallest, so that using the greatest bandwidth can be known. However, this tool is also still relatively simple because he recorded a total bandwidth of the total (upload / download) which is used by each client. To intalasinya as follows:
# apt-get install tcptrack
Run by typing the command :
#tcptrack -i eth0

3. iptraf
This tool is the most complete tool than the previous one above, because much can be done with this tool,  all the features offered on previous tools can be found on this tool. Which is sufficient to install this tool can do 3 things to do in the previous tool above.
#apt-get install iptraf
Run by typing the command :

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