Thursday, May 1, 2014

{ New Tutorial } How To Stay Anonymous Online

This Tutorial Will cover the fallowing:

- Using Fake Identity
- Using Search Engine anonymously
- Using VPN / Proxy and more...

Fake Identity

Why use fake identity? Well it is a really good way to hide your real identity online for example, if you are creating key loggers it isn't
the best idea to use your everyday E-mail to receive logs.

Firstly, You have to build an idea of who you want to be. Without proof, you can claim to be virtually anyone.
Well it isn't exactly hard you can just make the info up by yourself or you can use online id generators I recommend any of the fallowing:


What about E-Mail addresses?

You can use throwaway email accounts, these E-Mail accounts don't require you to register they are easy and simple to use.
Setting up throwaway email accounts can compartmentalize your digital identity

The frustration of compulsory email registration is shared amongst most users. Not only do these sign-ups pepper your inbox with unwanted emails, but your email address can also get sold to organizations that specialize in spamming. In addition, having your email listed on any particular server can open you up to email intrusion, where precious data, including passwords, bank statements, and credit card info may be stored. By using a throwaway email address, you can protect yourself from spam and keep your important information separate.

Suggested actions to take:

Establish a throwaway email address so that you can reply to confirmation emails but avoid spam.
Setup separate email addresses for information of varying sensitivity.
Consider using DoNotTrackMe, whose masked email feature allows reception of confirmation emails and easy blocking of unsavory ones, all without giving away your true email address.

Here are some free throwaway email providers:
Using Search Engine anonymously

What I recommend to use two different browsers, one for personal use and the other one for whatever you need it for.

One of the primary methods of tracking browser behavior is through the “cache”. This consists of simple text files called cookies and a record of browsing history that help to guide traffic suggestions, search results, and website behavior in subsequent visits. While much of this information is collected for marketing purposes to fuel advertisements, these simple files do represent a threat to those wishing to browse anonymously.

Suggested actions to take:

- Enter your browser options and perform the necessary steps to clear history and cookies.
- Utilize built in capabilities to prevent storage of cookies or enable the option to delete cookies upon browser exit.
- Leverage the same options for browser history.
- Consider using software that can automate the process of removing cookies and browser history.
- Remove overlooked cookies by visiting this site and editing your Flash settings/deleting Flash Player cookies.

Using VPN / Proxy

The root of online identification lies in the connection between your browser and the host server.
Both entities use an IP address that the host generally records and that can be used to identify your computer.
In fact, your Internet browsers sends a considerable amount of information about your system to the server for various purposes.
Masking or hiding this IP address is the most thorough way of browsing anonymously.

To mask your IP address, you can either use a web proxy service or a VPN service. However, a VPN service offers better privacy and security protection since it also encrypts all your online communications.

My absolute favorite out of the list would be CyberGhost because it has lots of freedom, flexibility, and performance, however, it keeps logs, a great alternative slightly more expensive is PureVPN this vpn doesnt keep logs.
OkayFreedom would be my second pick if you can handle the monthly traffic limit, with HotSpot Shield being my third pick if you can handle the ads.

Free alternatives? If you don't want to spend money on VPN services you can use the fallowing:
- Tor Browser (Proxy based internet browser)
- VPNBOOK (Offers free VPN and proxy)

Remember use Different password for every account

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